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var Sem = [
"I love exploring new technologies",
"I participate in hackathons",
"Work on innovative projects",
"Design websites",
"Provide computeraid",

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It is a pleasure to meet you.

let name = Sem Voigtländer
var age = 17
var study = "HBO-ICT at Fonty's Eindhoven"
let programmingSince = 2010
var knownProgrammingLanguages = [ "HTML" , "Javascript" , "CSS" , "PHP" , "MySQL" , "Visual Basic" , "C#" , "Obj-C" , "Python" , "Perl" , "Ruby" , "Java" , "json" , "bash" , "Swift" ];
var knowSecuritySkills = [ "Penetration testing" , "Security Auditing" ];
var hackathonsParticipated = [ "SHDE 2014" , "SHDE 2015" , "Philips digital Health 2015" , "Living Data Hackathon" ];
var buildForClients = [ "Vi Vedo" , "Artist Reggie Voigtländer" , "Huidverbetering Allure" ];

Mobile Innovation

Mobile devices have become indispensable nowadays.
I am focussing on how mobile devices affect your privacy and security.
I look at the running daemons and kernel / sandbox for example.


I always try to break with expectations.
I found out that almost everything is possible with computertechnology. The success of a concept depends on the amount of time/effort you put into it.
I seek challenge in connecting multiple technologydomains to work together.


I am always looking for technical solutions that can help improve society and contribute to a faster and more efficient way of automatisation. A piece of code can for example help blind people.
(Ref: Georgie Phone project)


I am a supporter of a place where developers and hackers can regularly meet. In this way you can easily exchange knowledge and work together on bigger projects.
In my area (Eindhoven) there is such a place, called Mad.

Maybe you would like to pay a visit?


As a user I like to have many things in my control. Like the design of the system for example.
Tweaking is a way that is unkown to many people.

I want tweaking to be easy and work flawless.

Béta Program

When I am working on a project, I want share it with coleagues.
With the béta program you can stay up to date about the latest projects,
test them and contribute to them if you would like to.
Interested in joining the béta program?
You can sign up here

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I am open for questions
I am open for suggestions
I am open for thoughts and feedback
I am open for ANYTHING
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